Mark FoleyHi, my name is Mark ‘Statman’ Foley and I am rather well known in racing circles for my ability to make huge profits from the habits of top race horse trainers.

Today I want to tell you about my methods and help you to make money from your betting, so if you’d like more winners please do read on.

There are many ways to profit from horse racing. Systems, form study, tips etc.

The method that I use and the one I have become famous for is the study of trainers and their habits.

Being a race horse trainer is like any other business really. In order to be successful the trainer has to work to systems and processes.

That means that they do things the same way year in and year out. It also means that they are successful with the same types of horses at the same times of year.

And that they do less good at other times of  the year!

To make a profit from betting all we need to do is to understand these training methods and step in at the times when we know they do well. Simple!

Successful trainers specialise!

Here’s an example of the type of specialisation that we can profit from. This one is from the early season.

The big trainers dominate the two year old races from around June.

So if you are a smaller trainer who doesn’t have the patronage of super rich enthusiasts IE You don’t have the best of the best juveniles.

Then what do you do, well if you want to win races then a good strategy would be to have your babies firing early so you can bag some wins before the big boys come out to play.

If you know which trainers employ this strategy, and we do, you can make some easy profits in April and May.

There are trends like this example all through the year and because of my extensive research I have a handle on all the significant trends.

As I said earlier I have made regular profits from my knowledge of Trainer Trends and this year I want to share this hard won info with a few fellow enthusiasts.

If you would like to join me and receive my daily email outlining which runners fit which trends for the day, along with confirmation of what I’m betting, please sign up using one of the buttons below.

My selections this year (all proofed to the Betting Insiders Club) have made a whopping 37% return on investment, compare this with the 10 – 15% many tipsters claim and you can see why people rave about my Trainer Trends methods.

Best Wishes

Mark Foley

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